Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes transmitting disease is a major problem around the world. In Southern California the temperature is normally above 50 degrees Fahrenheit making mosquitoes active year round. Luckily, we have the solution! The In2Care® Mosquito Trap is the first trap that uses a biological control agent to kill mosquitoes.

Goodbye mosquitos

  • Effectively controls the mosquito that transmits Zika
  • Green Innovation – reduced use of chemicals
  • Does not target plants or beneficial insects such as bees or butterflies
  • Gives 24 hour protection
  • Both bioactives have short half-life
  • Low risks for non-target organisms
  • Pet-friendly

In2Care® Mosquito Traps deploy a small dose of bioactive mixture in an enclosed point-source environment
that is specifically attractive to mosquitoes. Only tiny amounts of larvicide will get spread to other breeding
sites (mostly small man-made containers), which is enough to kill mosquito larvae (as <10 ppb PPF works well)
but not enough to cause risk for non-target organisms like fish or mammals. In this way, our Traps offer an
effective mosquito control option without drastic use of chemicals in the entire environment.

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